Saturday, June 03, 2006

Sorry I have been MIA

Thanks Stephanie for missing me.

Thursday May 25th was the last day of school. That means instead of one little princess home with me everyday, I now have all four of my darlings here to turn my world upside down.

While talking with my parents who are serving a mission at Cove Fort, Utah my Mom and I had the wonderful idea that we should come and spend Memorial Day week-end with them. And to my surprise, my DH actually liked the idea.
We left Saturday early: 5:00 am to be exact and drove in the car for 8 hours. The nice thing about going that early is the kids slept a good part of the time. All of them except Alyson, who took it upon herself to start asking every few miles..."When are we going to be there"? I finally made a deal with her, that she couldn't ask again until after we stopped for lunch. We stopped in the booming town of Kanab. After lunch I made another deal with her. She could only ask two more times, and then I wasn't going to answer her anymore. She asked two more times, shortly after we got back in the car. And when I wouldn't answer she started bugging her Dad.
We had a great visit with Dad and Mom. They were the envy of all of the other missionaries there at the Fort, because they had Grandkids with them for the week-end.

Monday we drove to Provo, and went to my brothers house for a BBQ. All but one of my brothers that live in Utah were able to come. It was so good to see everyone again, it was blissfully crazy with all the cousins.

The 3 Amigos were back together again. (Dallas and his two cousins Eric, and Caleb) Dallas also could not stop taking pictures of the mountains. He also could not believe we were 90 minutes from home and we were not going up there to see our friends. It about killed all of us...But Jim had limited time off of work.

Monday night we drove back to the Fort, and spent the night. And Tuesday we all dreaded having to say good bye to Grandma and Grandpa again. Not to mention the long car ride home. We said our good-byes and gave our hugs and were on our way.

Alyson didn't disappoint us as she livened up our trip with her "when are we going to be there"? And her potty mouth.

I have to share the potty mouth story, it made us all laugh so hard.

We had decided that we were going to stop at the Glen canyon dam on the way home to break up the trip a little. Jim told the kids that they needed to get their shoes on, we were getting close to the dam and we were going to get out onto the dam parking lot, and go take the dam tour. He continued to use the word dam as he talked about what we were going to be doing. Dallas jumped in and was enjoying this license to use the word dam. He of course was going a little overboard with the word. So Jim told him he could only say "dam" if he was indeed talking about something related to the dam.
Alyson my sweet little 5 year old says, "yeah only if you are saying something like, dam houses, or dam trees" which made us all laugh our heads off. The more we laughed the more she used the word, "dam cars, dam rocks, dam people" we couldn't even tell her to stop we were laughing so hard at her. So, enjoying the crowd she just starts saying "dam, dam, dam, dam, dam, dam, dam" We all had tears from the laughter, and she really had no clue what she was saying.

Laughter really is the best medicine. We all enjoyed the dam tour, and we had a great ride home after that.

We watched the tempature on the car as it climbed the closer we got to Phoenix, and arrived home to a cool 105.
It was a wonderful trip, we wish it would of been longer so we could of seen more of our family and friends. Next time.

I have pictures to add to this post, but blogger is not letting me...I'll keep trying!


beckylou said...

I love your dam story! ;) It sounds like you had a good trip.

emlouisa said...

Glad you had fun, Jane!!!! Miss you!!!

Char said...

Try the pictures now, Dam Blogger!


Stacy said...

We all enjoyed the dam tour

hahaha! That is a funny line out of all that!

Glad you had a nice trip. I missed out on a Cove Fort vacation once and hear it is actually quite a fun place to visit.

Welcome back!

Sabra said...

dam helarious. esp coming from your child.

Sabra said...

ps i have a great-something-grandfather that was killed by indians at cove fort. i'm sure your parents will fare better ;p

Stephanie said...

OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH, OH MY GOSH!!!! We were traveling all over southern Utah this weekend. I said to DH, "lets stop by Cove Fort" He said no. I so would have MET you!!! OH MY GOSH!!!!

Dam Blogger! I am having the same problem on my vacation blog. It won't be up until this dam problem is fixed.

Valarie said...

that's dam funny! I'm glad you had a good trip. Tell me you at least got to see Char.

ubercyl said...

Ack! 105!

Your parents must have loved having you there...lucky senior missionaries!