Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Numbers Game

3- The number of days until my missionary Tyler gets to call home.

6- The number of weeks until I get to hug that same Tyler.

9 1/2- The number of schools days left that I have to work.

100- The number of degrees it reached today.

15- The number of minutes until my DH gets home with Pei Wei.

6- The number of hours I spent in the car yesterday so I could go and check out the place we will be holding our girls camp.

2- The number of months until I get to go home for a visit.

7- The number of teacher gifts I need to buy.

3- The number of times I have blogged this week. (must be a record)

10- The number of minutes I have sat here trying to think of a clever way to end this.


Char said...

2 - number of months I have to clean out Macy's closet

15 - number of square feet of cargo space you'll need to haul all her hand me downs home.


garaghty said...

That was good! I can't believe Tyler is so close to getting home. That's so exciting!

Amber said...

Yay for Tyler coming home! I like posts by the numbers.