Monday, March 10, 2008


Just been thinking about the whole blog thing lately. Just kind of wondering what compels us to write down our thoughts and feelings for just about anyone to read. And what compels us to read others blogs on a regular basis? I have a few blogs that I read all the time. I have readers that frequent my blog...from my stat counter, some are from other countries, people that I have no idea who they are and why they take a peek into my little world.

I read blogs of people that I have never met, yet I feel like I know them so well.
And I continue to check their blogs on a regular basis, just to see what they are up to, and their joys and their trials.
I read my daughters 1st grade teachers blog, and have come to know her as someone more than just a teacher and co-worker. I read a blog from a lady who lives in the Marshall Islands and teaches at the university there. It is fascinating to learn more about the culture and heritage of my son. I read scrap booking blogs, and dream about the days when I use to have time to scrapbook. I read a blog of a friend who has the cutest hair ideas for her daughters, and she takes pictures and gives instructions. I read blogs of other Moms and their experiences of motherhood. I read blogs of my friends, and my friends, friends as I click on names of random people that leave comments on others blogs. It really has become so interesting to share so many peoples lives through their blogs.

I started my blog when we moved away from our families and moved to Arizona where we have no family, as a way to stay in touch with them.
I guess I didn't expect there to be more to it than that.
I love that I have a journal of sorts to look back on. I am not very good about writing in mine. But feel like I am doing something for myself, and maybe my great-grand kids one day can get a glimpse into my little world.


velvet brick said...

I love this post! You said so much so very well! I have people visit my site and leave comments that I have no idea how they found me! But yes, there is a world of bloggers that gives us inspiration, encouragment, information and sometimes, just eye candy for the spirit and soul! I get a kick out of learning more about you outside of the work place! (Yes, we DO have a life outside of school! hehe...) You do a wonderful job with your blog and I really enjoy 'our visits'! : ) Have a great spring break!

melsone said...

I love your blog, and love 'seeing' what you're up to. I hope you'll keep it and update more often!!