Thursday, June 19, 2008

Best Day Ever

A couple of days ago, Alyson and I spent all day long canning salsa.
We ended up doing 18 jars that day, we also did about that many jars last week as well.

I even used the hot peppers from my garden. (too bad the tomatoes weren't, I haven't figured out how to grow them in the desert)

As Aly was pushing the tomatoes through the grinder she said to me, "this is my best day ever!" She lasted the whole day with me, and was actually a big help.

One of my darling children lost my card reader, or I would show off the finished product.


Jolene George said...

Sounds like so much fun to me!
I have a question...I make salsa all the time, but have never tried canning it. For some reason it's in my head that only certain recipes are made for canning. Is that wrong? I would love to can my own recipe. I need your expert knowledge. :o)

Anonymous said...

sounds delicious!!

melsone said...

Yum!!! I love salsa! (hint, hint)

What an awesome day together!

velvet brick said...

How cute is this memory? Jane, Aly will always remember the day she made salsa with Mom.... what a treasure! Sounds like a delicious day! :) Give Miss Aly a hug for me!

Becca said...

That salsa was YUMMMY! I am glad Aly helped you, so that I could have some...hehe!

tifferbob said...

Wow, look at all that salsa! Yum!