Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Saying Good-bye, Harder than I thought

So, we have been counting down the days until we leave on our big adventure. We have been more than excited to get out of the HEAT, and enjoy the cooler days and nights in Utah. But even more than that, the excitement of our big adventure of driving up to the great North....CANADA. Where the sun shines 19 hours a day, and the air is cool and clear.

All of this is so exciting, and an adventure we are all so happy about embarking upon.
There is just one small problem, well two problems. The biggest problem, is we are taking this adventure without the man we all love and adore. He will be home, in the miserable heat all alone. We have been apart many times before, for a week or two, but never for a whole month. And I have been pretty sad all day just thinking about saying good-bye.

And much to my surprise, I am a little bit sad about leaving my home and life here. Now that is huge for me....the girl who's heart has been elsewhere, and hasn't committed to my life here in Arizona. For me to be a little sad about leaving here is kind of surprising to me. I was not expecting to feel this way.

I am thinking that all in all this trip is going to be good for me on many different levels.
If the old saying of "absence makes the heart grow fonder" is true, then this may turn out to be the perfect solution to help my heart find JOY here in Arizona.

My other problem, is the fact that we are leaving in the morning, and still have not received Cole's passport. Which just delays us in applying for his Visa. It is out of my control. I have to let it go, and trust that what ever happens, happens. If it doesn't come, then I know Cole will be in good hands with his Aunt and Uncle and cousins. And that he will have his own adventure camping at Island Park. But, dang it... I want him to come with us. After all, it won't be the same without having someone to tease, torment, and harass their sisters. No one to sing, and entertain us. No one to make us laugh and cry all at once.

Good Bye for now.
Maybe we will be bored enough to blog while we are at Grandmas. If not we will see you in August.

If any of my friends are feeling kind and generous feel free to invite my husband over for dinner...he just might be missing his family a wee, tiny bit!


Becca said...

I hope you have fun!

velvet brick said...

Awww...Jane.... Here are some prayers, wishes and blessings that all works out and that you have a fun, restful, safe trip! Enjoy! I'm sure someone in the neighborhood will cheer up hubby with a 'happy meal' or two! : )

melsone said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!!!
I can't wait to see pictures of Canada when you return, and I'm crossing my fingers that Coleman gets to be in them!

I'm glad you'll miss the brown, dusty, barrenness after all (probably missing that hubby more, but still!)

2009 Gammage Theater.. WICKED...we're on!

Lei said...

JANE! Hi! Hope you guys have fun and that Cole gets to come. (Ugh!)