Friday, August 15, 2008

Overheard at school this week

Incase you didn't know, I work with the best kids ever! I work with kids that have Autism. I love my job, with all of it challenges and all of the rewards.

"I can't do my writing I am not smart"..."yes you are" "No really I am not smart, I gave all of my knowledge to God, it was my gift to him."

Why did you just kick her chair?.... "Because she was just sitting there being cute, and I Hate cute"

"I have just been pretending to be good, and I am not going to be good anymore"

"Hey, tell it to the judge"

Phone call from the secretary...."If you are looking for your student, she just checked herself into the time out room, she asked me to set the timer for 10 minutes."

I know there is more, I must write them down as they say them because I forget.

Never a dull moment.


Char said...

That's awesome, Janer! Do you giggle or can you keep it in?

sheri said...

Oh man, those are THE BEST!!!!

Jane said...

I try really hard to keep it in... I usually have to turn my head and laugh!!

Becca said...

those were FABULOUS! I love how burtally honest children are! LOVE IT!

Sabra said...

holy crap! those are all absolutely awesome! you really should keep writing them down.

Jolene George said...

LOL! That is so funny! I'm so glad you wrote those things down before you forgot.
Glad you're home! :o)

Tamlynn said...

So funny!

Meags said...

Hey, Jane. I found you. I'm glad you can giggle ... I need to more.