Saturday, September 06, 2008

Grandpa's Garden

My Dad has always been a gardener. How I wish I had just a little bit of his green thumb. We enjoyed lots of yummy things out of his garden during our visit last month. The kids loved going out to help pick and weed in the garden.
Alyson helped Grandma pick strawberries every morning. I think she ate as many as she picked.

Aly and Grandpa Porter. Alyson sure misses you!

One day I am going to have a garden that looks like this. Even if it is just in one of my dreams.
I am guessing that I will never be able to grow a garden like this in Arizona. I just can't figure out how to keep things alive in the 115 degree days.
Nor do I want to be outside very long to weed either. I am thinking about trying a winter garden for the first time. We'll see if I get to it. Grandpa is coming for thanksgiving, perhaps we will get some lessons.


Char said...

That is quite a garden! Holy cow! Tell Aly "nice shirt". Ha ha.

Becca said...

That is a huge garden! I love it! I LOVE fresh veggies and fruit..there is nothing better!

Anonymous said...

wow!! I so want a garden someday. On my list of things to learn.

Sabra said...

one day I'll have a garden like that. and by "like" I mean one that isn't covered in weeds. anything beyond that would just be icing.