Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Broken Hearted

This is Aly...She is 7.

They got to vote at school for who they wanted for president.

Alyson voted for McCain.

Her reasons.... She told me that the other guy wanted to stop fighting, and McCain didn't, and if we don't have the war going on then people are going to come in and take over our country. She was also worried that Obama being a different color was going to get shot and killed, and then we would have no one to be the president. Also her friend Olivia was going to vote for McCain, and so she knew it must be the right choice if Olivia was voting that way.

As the results were coming in last night, she was upset that "her guy" wasn't doing so well. After a couple of hours of watching all of the results, she went into her room and cried. She was so sad that McCain was not going to be the next president.

Who would of thought that her little 7 year old heart cared so much?

It did open up some great discussion.


Becky said...

Would it make her feel better knowing that I cried in my room last night too? I am just as brokenhearted. So sweet that she cares so much. If only...

Becca said...

How sweet is she! It amazed me as well to see the reaction to the voting my children had! I had no idea it was affecting them so much and also aloud some awesome discussions!

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Scooter was on pins and needles waiting to see if we'd have our first black President. He and Animal are celebrating today.

A friend posted an amazing essay about our personal power and emotions and I loved it. I can and will still be who I am and become who I plan to regardless of the man in the Oval Office.

Not that I'm terribly upset about the winner. I had time to prepare, as we could see this coming a mile away from the polls.

I'm sorry Aly was upset, though -- it feels best to back the winner, and I totally get how she feels.

Jenny said...

My favorite part is the seven year old justification of why she voted the way she did.

Anonymous said...

my 5yo ds was heart broken too. It made for a great discussion of respecting the office of the President even if we aren't too thrilled with the choice.

sweetpea said...

This election has caused quite a stir in our house too, but I am glad to see kids getting involved, and having an interest in what's going on. She is a sweet girl--I'm sorry she is sad!

tifferbob said...

I too was sad that my guy didn't win.