Thursday, November 13, 2008


Tonight during our scripture time, Jim told Alyson to take notes and write down whatever made her feel good. Here is what she wrote.

Mosiah chapter 11
I feel good when I hear Coleman read.
My brother and my Dad is cool.
My Mom is cool.
Dallas is kinda cool.
Victoria is nice.
Tyler is so, so nice.
Emily is so, so, so, so Cool.
Coleman is kind of cool too.

Love that girl!


Jenny said...

Those are some notes with subtance.
Save them! Then when she's older and thinks differently, you can show her that you have it in writing! CUTE.

Char said...

Maybe my kids would pay more attention if we made them take notes. Or, they might just stab each other with pencils.

Anonymous said...

that is great.

Becky said...

fun! what a great idea. i might have to borrow that one. i love that she thinks you're cool. :)