Saturday, December 13, 2008

Caught with Character

Once a month our school honors kiddos that show excellent behavior in one or more of the 6 pillars of character. One student from the school is awarded a bike from the Kiwanis. And 4 or so other students and staff are awarded a character counts t-shirt.

Alyson's teacher talked to me last week about my daughter. Their class was doing a class play, and Alyson was paired up with a darling little boy who has autism. She took it upon herself to help him out, and to make sure he got to where he needed to be on stage. The autism teacher told me that Aly doesn't look at him like, "oh he's cute like a baby turtle" She treats him like any other kid, and is nice to him, because she is a kind little girl, and she likes him.

I had several teachers and staff members tell me how sweet she was with him, and how impressed they were with her. It was so nice to hear that about her. She really is a kind and loving girl. (most of the time, when she is not being the princess) Before we can leave school for the day she has to make her rounds to hug all of her favorite teachers and everyone in the office.

The day of the school play, Aly and her little partner were so cute. They both did a great job. I got to see the play twice! For the evening performance Jim took Aly and I went to enrichment.

I asked Jim how Aly did in the play, and he informed me that she was awesome, but her little partner had a rough time. I guess he was tired, and cried inconsolably the entire play. Aly tried and tried to help him.
One part of the play they are suppose to join hands. And her little friend had hidden himself inside his shirt. But, for that part he stuck his little hand out for Aly to grab. Jim said everyone there was so touched by the way Aly helped this little guy. Aly's teacher told me how proud she was of her, and I was bummed that I had missed it.

Her teacher then told me that a parent of a student in another class called the principal to tell her how impressed she was with the little girl that tried so hard to help that little guy during the play. Of course her teacher is crying when she was telling me this story, and being kindred spirits I of course was crying too.

Wednesday we had our monthly flag ceremony, and the principal was there to pass out character counts awards. Aly received a shirt for following the character of CARING

What a proud mom moment that was. What a little sweetheart I have been blessed with.

Aly getting her shirt.

Aly with the best teacher in the world. Mrs Dunton.

And Aly with our amazing principal Mrs Rogers.


Char said...

Way to go, Aly!

And I think I recognize most of that outfit. ROFL.

melsone said...

Great job, Aly!!

Becky said...

What a reflection on her mom. Way to go! (to both of you.)

velvet brick said...

This was such a wonderful event....I was sort of stuck in the middle of the audience running the projector and not able to get up front to help our little guy. To see Aly do such a caring, wonderful, protective job of helping him was something I'll never forget witnessing. She is soooo kind and perceptive and so deserving of this award. Yes, mom..kindred spirits we be and I thank you for sharing your little angel with me. Love to you all!

Sabra said...

Sounds like she's a lot like her parents :) WTG, Aly!