Monday, September 07, 2009

Labors of Today

I wanted to add a splash of color to my front porch.

Here is the before picture And here is the after...I painted the star, door and flower pot RED!!

Gosh that sun is BRIGHT--sorry for the washed out pictures from that
bright, bright Arizona Sun.

Counting down the weeks until it is actually cool enough to sit outside and enjoy the porch!


Jodi said...

I like the cute.
Utah girl it's trying to cool down "some", be patient a few more weeks. Hopefully. When Garrett gives me the report on the weather in Utah, I have to say I am jealous.

Char said...

LOVE it!

Jenny said...

I love it. VERY homey.

Sabra said...

amazing what a little color can do! it's looks great!

melanie said...
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melanie said...

Sorry, delete was me. I can spell porch right this time!

It looks so cute!! I noticed how adorable everything looked when I came by the other day, I covet your homey porch!!

Becca said...

I LOVE red doors! Looks good!