Friday, March 31, 2006


Holistic Health Detective...Is one of my favorite modalities. My friend Karin has been trained in this and through kinesiology she is able to ask questions, and get answers that are tailored just for me. I know to some it sounds kind of hookey, but in my heart it rings true, and I have been so grateful for the help it has given me in my life.

I called my friend Karin a couple of days ago, kind of in a slump, due to my inspiration meter being off and asked her for some advice. She offered to do HHD for me, and here are the results.

She tests for the top priorities, and what I need to work on first. There are so many different things that she tests for, I found the results to be very interesting. Sharing them here, may give someone else ideas of things they can use in their life as well.

Top priority-- #1 Spiritual.
Tested that I was having issues with Heavenly Father. Now, who wants to hear that? What would I have issuses about. Come to find out, the issuses stem from my feelings of abandonment. Feelings of being brought to Arizona, and now not knowing which direction to take.
The things I need to do now to over come these feelings are inspirational reading. I need to pray and search the Book of Mormon for answers. I am sure I am not the first one to ever feel abandoned... I also need to search and ponder about Faith.

#2 Spiritual--Obedience
I need to be obedient to my calling. I need to put my whole heart into my primary calling, and get over the feelings of not wanting to be there. I have not really jumped in with both feet, not knowing how long we are going to be here in this ward. But it is time to bloom where I am planted.

#3 Spiritual--Obedience
It came up that even though I was obedient in following my husband down to Arizona, I have done it with the wrong attitude. And having a bad attitude, really is not being obedient. It's time to stop blaming him for my homesickness, and frustrations. And time to support him.

#4 Spiritual--A letter to God
I have done this before and I have found it to be very effective.
I need to sit down with some nice quiet peaceful music and pour my heart out to God. And when I am done, after praying for guidance I write whatever comes into my heart and mind. These things are the answers that God is giving just to me. This has become a very powerful tool in my life. I recommend this to anyone.

#5 Spiritual-- Spiritual retreat
I need to go for a drive by myself, and get out into nature. I need to take time to reflect and converse with my Heavenly Father. I was told that I will go where I need to go on this drive. I am going to go do this tomorrow. I really have no idea where I will end up, especially since I have not gone to far from home. I am excited to have some alone time to sort through the many thoughts and feelings I have.

#6 Spiritual-- (I am starting to see a pattern here) Support
Aromatheraphy came up. I never would of related the two together. But the oils that I tested for are eucalyptus, and rosemary.

#7 spiritual-- Cellular release
Under this came up a Priesthood blessing. I am so excited to have a blessing. I have a lot of faith in the power of the Priesthood. I have seen many miracles come to pass by this power.

#8 Generational--Brain integration
This in another modality for holistic health. I am not sure if there is even a therapist here in Arizona. But I will have to do some searching.

I found my session of HHD to be very interesting. I have had this done several times, but never have I had the spiritual category come up over and over. In the past it may came up on my list one or two times. But never again and again like it did this time. I was kind of embarrassed each time she tested, and it would come up again. But I am excited to work on these things, and hope that I will find the guidance I have been seeking in my life.


Ramaja5 said...

Hey there! I would LOVE to get that done. I almost went to school for this, but my family totally made fun of me. Now I wish I had gone through with it. I may see about getting it done when I get home. Thanks for letting me know about your blog!

Lee said...

WOW, that is really interesting, I think that would be really cool to have done!!

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