Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring! Spring! Spring!

I just have to share a picture I found online. It is now my wallpaper on my desktop. It just shouts spring to me. I LOVE spring, everything is so green and alive again. I just wish it could be spring all year long.


Amy D. Hall said...

Hi Jane!
It is Royal Carribean

Jolene George said...

Jane, I walked past Mango's twice on Friday night taking pictures of the cars. Once before it got dark by myself because my husband wasn't there yet. Then I met him and our Star riders group over at Grandma's Kitchen for dinner at Main & Robson. After dinner we walked back down there. You were probably sitting right there and I didn't even know it. I love Mango's by the way.
And too funny that your son works at Joe's. Perhaps we are destine to meet sometime soon.
Are you adjusting to Arizona life?

velvet brick said...

I love that picture, Jane! Happy Spring to you! Enjoy your last couple of days of break and I'll see you next week! Tell Aly and Coleman a big 'hello' for me, please! : )

Billy said...

Hi! It was great to catch up on your blog :) I love that springy picture!

g said...

Sorry, that was me--I didn't know I was signed in to Billy's account, lol.