Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It seemed funny at the time

Dallas just asked a girl to prom.
He had a police officer from church go over to her house and tell her that he caught her on camera shoplifting from Target. And that she was involved in a huge crime ring, and he then showed her a picture of the ring leader to see if she knew who it was. She said, "that is Dallas" She seemed very shocked to find out he really goes by the name of "K-dog" and he was also involved in this whole mess.

After making her cry, and scared he told her she had a few options. He then gave her this paper to read.

Maricopa County Law

Department of Juvenile Affairs

March 28th 2008

This is a notice to appear: M B is hereby required to submit to the authorities of Maricopa County Juvenile court April 19th 2008 to answer charges for violation of city ordinance # 0074 Petty theft/shoplifting.

The above mentioned defendant was observed by security cameras leaving the premises of a Chandler area Target Supercenter Located at 2150 N. Arizona Ave. A store attendant observed the defendant placing jewelry in her handbag and leaving the store without paying for them.

This is a crime that if convicted carries with it a $5000.00 fine and a maximum of 30 days in juvenile lock-up. This will also be on your record for the rest of your life.

Miss B: You do have rights and they will be read and explained to you when you are officially booked on these charges.

Miss. B: You also have a couple options.

Option 1. You may enter a plea of guilty now with the condition that full restitution of the stolen merchandise is made. In addition your fine will be reduced to $500.00 and your jail time will be commuted.

Option 2. You may enter a plea of not guilty in which case you will then have the opportunity to defend yourself in a court of law. It should be stated that in the event that you are found guilty the maximum penalties allowed by law could be levied against you.

Option 3. You may perform community service by surrendering yourself to the authorities on the following day. April 19th 2008 Your time will be spent accompanying a one, Dallas B to Prom.

By signing this document you are not admitting your guilt but rather that you understand the terms of this “Notice”

After reading the letter, she told the officer to "leave, just get out of my house"!!!

Dallas is now a little worried that she is mad....

I told him that pay back is the best revenge, and he is in trouble.


Kermit~the~Frog said...

I can't wait to read how this one plays out!

Anonymous said...

oh my!! Very creative. I wonder what will happen next :)

Amy D. Hall said...

I hope she says YES!
That reminds me of a time when my older brother Jeff spat in a girl's face in middle school. My dad was so mad and had a cop go arrest Jeff. I think that he even took him to the jail...can't remember all of the details.

You better add an update to the story when Dallas gets his answer!

Rogers Family said...

Jane that was so clever.. Not sure I would want to go with someone who just scared the gray hair off my head. Maybe that is a good thing.. Such a great story.. Lots of love.... miss you

melsone said...


You have to keep us posted on this one-- holey moley!

velvet brick said...

I'd have died!
Keep us posted!