Monday, April 14, 2008

Before and After

We've been busy painting around here again! I just got finished painting the girls room. It turned out cute!! They love it, and I am happy.
Here is some before and after pictures. (the before is from the previous owner) I didn't take any pictures myself.

I need to figure out some under the bed storage for some of their toys, as well as find some cute things to decorate the walls. But it's a start.

PS What was I thinking with all of the different colors? That is a lot of corners to have to cut in! Don't look too close at the mistakes!
Edited to add that their Dad made the adorable beds! I might have posted that when he built them a year or so...but wanted to mention again how awesome he is.


Char said...

So cute, Janer! I wish I was there to help...or at least go to Home Depot and make the crazy guy swear when we wanted primer tinted.

Emily said...

So cute! I love all the girly colors.

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Adorable, Jane! I love the design of your bloggity, too.

Amber said...

That looks great! I love the colors.

melsone said...

It turned out great, Jane!! I love all the colors, though maybe you were the one cussing this time? :)

So when are we doing breakfast? How 'bout Saturday?

velvet brick said...

How CUTE is this room??!? Where did you find those adorable head/foot boards?? I love the colors, the bedspreads, the whole look! What lucky girls to have such an adorable room! Just love it !! Nice work, Jane! : )

Rogers Family said...

I am very very impressed Jane.. Did you use a certain tool to cut into the corners with so the paint wouldn't run to the next wall? Very nice.. I love it..

sheri said...

Oh my goodness, I love it! Love that bedding too. Way, way cute.

Amy D. Hall said...

That room is adorable!
Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog!

Hope to see you soon!

allie askins said...

the new rooms are sooo cute! look at how talented you are!
you know you can be my adoptive mom any day.
sometimes we all go to lunch to talk about the wedding.
i will invite you to the next one!!!