Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Strawberries, Prom, and party like a rockstar!

This weekend our church had a prom for our youth. My dear husband volunteered me to make chocolate covered strawberries. We made 700 of them. Here they are in all their glory! Here is Dallas and Lindy, isn't she cute? They are also going to the school prom together too. She was cute, and said she loves that she has a great story to tell about how Dallas asked her to Prom.
This is my friend Susan and her cute daughters Allie and Katie. I've adopted them because they are just so stinkin cute! Their brother Nathan and two other boys from our ward are in the band Pawn takes King. They played at the dance and they were awesome. I told them this picture was going on my blog, so here it is ladies!!
And here are the cute boys from our ward. Nathan is on the left, Seth is the drummer in the back, and Landon is on the right. They rocked the house.
These 5 ladies are my Laurels, aren't they beautiful? I am one lucky lady to get to work with such great young women. I have 12 laurels...8 of which are graduating this year. It is going to be hard to let them go. They all have wonderful adventures ahead of them.
Here is Dallas dancing with Landons date.... And Landon danced with his.
All of the kids in their group... 42 of them. They had a great time together.


Rogers Family said...

Jane I love all the pictures.. Oh my gosh!! I never went to my prom so watching the girls get there dresses and hair all done up was so nice to see and be a part of.. Looks like it all turned out so great.. I would love some chocolate covered strawberries. Yummy.. looked so good..

melsone said...

Cute pictures!! What was the number for in the first one?

My jaw hit the floor at all those strawberries. Wow!!!

taffi said...

Jane, Dallas is getting so big! He looks so much like his older brother! Prom looks like fun. I wish our stake did something like that.