Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Dallas, Prom, Continued....

It's been one week and a day since Dallas asked L.B. to prom.

We've all been wondering if she was just too mad to answer him back, or if she was just trying to come up with something really good to get him back. Maybe she has been trying to contact the National Guard or other military people to help in her efforts.

Last night at 10:30 pm the someone knocks at the door, and this is what we found when we opened it.

She told Dallas that it was a great idea, she wasn't mad, just really, really, freaked out!


g said...

LOL! I just read the cop story. That is hilarious. I'm glad the girl didn't stay too upset. Her response is really cute :)

velvet brick said...

I'm glad to see the update and hear that she's going!! Clever and cute answer, don't you think? Love the new layout of the blog...Banana Bread Queen!
: )

Rogers Family said...

So glad to see he is going to prom with a nice date.. I was a little scared for him.. But who wouldn't want to go to prom with such a nice boy.. Congrats Dallas. Enjoy!!!