Thursday, May 29, 2008

A girl could get use to this

AHHHH being a SAHM again is just blissful. The lazy days of summer are the best aren't they?
Get up when you want, do what you want, go where you want. It has been nice.
It is even enjoyable to just get up and clean my house.

The kids are all sporting red faces and backs (yikes) we have applied the sunscreen, but it looks like we need to do it a little more often. Tori and Cole are taking diving lessons, and Aly is taking swim lessons again. They love it!
The lifeguards have also become my new daycare providers. The kids just want to spend all day everyday at the pool. 3 of Dallas friends are lifeguards, and they take good care of them. They mostly like to tease Tori since she is so quiet and shy. When she enters the pool the all start chanting Victoria, Victoria. (it is from some movie) she giggles and turns red.

Oh and another great perk... the school next to us is doing free breakfast and lunch. It is something new this year, and it is free to anyone and everyone. My kids love it! And how nice is that for us moms. Geesh like I was saying a girl could get use to this!

We have had such a nice break in the unheard of for AZ. We had 110 heat for a few days, and then a storm came through and brought lots of rain and cooled us right down into the 50-60's!! It is slowly creeping back up into the 90's. But even 90 feels cool compared to 110.

I'm working hard on staying away from treats and junk. It has been so much easier being away from work and all of the treats that are always there. Getting into a swimsuit is always motivating too. (ugh)

Happy Summer!


Anonymous said...

yay for summer!! I'm so looking forward to that first day when I don't have to rush off in the morning for school drop off (only 3 more days of school, not including today!!)

Lee said...

Hey Janer. I miss you!! And I bet you are totally digging being at home with your kids. How soon until you are a Grandma? lol.
Did you hear we moved to Indy? Almost went to AZ. I think I would have liked the heat better. lol. Miss ya!

Becca said...

I am glad you are enjoying your time at home! I love it too!!