Tuesday, June 03, 2008


As you can see from the picture, I made pickles and relish. I was given a case of cukes, and I had to do something with them. You can only eat so many salads and fresh cucumbers. It was an all day project, but very satisfying to see my jars fill up. They've looked so pathetic all empty, just sitting on the pantry shelves. I did a lot of canning in Utah, but the produce is not as abundant here like it was there. I hope my garden gets going so I can do more salsa, I am on my last jar. This is a little something I made for my Laurel class. I have 8 YW graduating and tomorrow night we are having a little dinner on my roof top deck, and I will be giving them this little gift. I stole the idea off of someones blog. I am not clever, but I can copy someones great ideas. I am pretty sure none of my girls read my blog, I sure hope not. I don't want to spoil the surprise!
I just love this quote! I think it is from Dr. Seuss. I just want them to know that there is no one else like them, and that they each have an important mission to complete while here on earth. I hope that as they move on to college and other things, that they will never forget who they are. And that they will think of me, and know how much I love them for who they are. I am having a hard time letting them go. It has been amazing to have been able to work with them this last year. I am excited for them and all of the wonderful adventures that are ahead of them.


Anonymous said...

That's a lot of cucumbers!! YUM! And that is such a cute gift, I think they'll love it.

Becca said...

Those are so cute Jane! I hope the dinner goes well! The girls are lucky to have you as a leader!

velvet brick said...

LOL! Man alive! You are a busy girl with all of those projects! I love the canning story... and the yw will love your sweet gift! Keep enjoying all the wonderful things summer brings us! : )

melsone said...

Those plaques are ADORABLE! I love it! I saw those on Heather's blog and loved the quote too, I'm sure your girls will treasure them!

I'm UBER-impressed at your canning skillz! Holy Smokes!! I'd love to can salsa with you... let me know when you do it!

(I'll call you tomorrow!)