Friday, June 06, 2008

Like Mother Like Daughter

Here in Arizona, once a month they have bulk trash pick up. You just put your junk on the curb and they come and take it away. Well, me not being able to resist a good bargain have found some great treasures among others trash. Here are a few pictures of some of the things I have gotten. This great lamp. This cool old dresser...that one day Jim is going to make look even cooler!
This bench that now sits on my front porch.
This chair (my latest addition of junk added to my house)Any my favorite, this garden bench that sits under the fig tree. It was pretty wobbly, but Jim being the king of fix anything made it sturdy as new.
And last but not least this cute chicken wire shelf.
So... a couple of days ago, I pull up from running errands, and I see Aly's friends jeep in the driveway. It has two old mops inside. So, I figured they found them in someones garbage on their way to my house from hers. I look around and don't see Aly and Kinsey anywhere.

I call Kinsey's mom and she said that they left to my house a while ago. I was just going to go look for them, when I see them coming down the street. They are pushing a large object with them. I can't tell what it is, but it is brown and big!!

As they get closer I can see that it is a dresser or armorie of some kind. They found it in someones bulk pick up pile. They were so proud of themselves. Aly said, "look what I found for my room mom, don't you just love it?" How could I crush her little heart, and tell her it is U-G-L-Y?

I asked them how they even got it home.... They used their resources, Jim has a dolly for moving large items, and they came home and got it, pushed it down the street, and then went to the door and asked the lady who answered the door if she would help them put it on the dolly. She asked them if their mom knew they were bringing this home... what did they say? "yes" LOL!

She put it on the dolly and they laid it flat and pushed it a block to my house. Half way home, it fell off and some how those little girls picked it back up and put it back on. The thing is HEAVY! Here are the pictures of their treasure.

Now for the best part... At dinner, Aly said the blessing on the food. She included in her prayer, "I am thankful that I was able to get that new dresser home for my room, and I am thankful that they did not make me take it back." LOL! What am I to do now?

It looks like I need a big ole' can of white paint and my sander to turn that ugly thing into a little shabby chic project.
Jim says she is taking it with her when she gets married!!


Char said...

ROFL! That is freaking hilarious!

sweet pea dee said...

That is sooooooo Funny! Sounds like something I would do:) HAHAHAHA
I am picturing two little girls walking down the road with this big thing I think I would have had to stop and look again than laugh.

Becca said...

That is SOOOOO FUNNY! Those girls are very good! I cannot believe all the cute things you have found! But the girls find is absoulutely FABULOUS!!hehe!

Alissa said...

now THAT is a hysterical story that must be recorded for posterity.

velvet brick said...

LOL!!!!!!!!!! I'm cracking up here! Aly...YOU GO, GIRL!!! What a great day for Ms. Aly and what is so funny, Jane, is how she's aquired such a wonderful taste for 'gently used' treasures! How those two girls managed that is beyond me! LOL!!! Oh, this is priceless! You must post pictures when you've completed the 'extreme makeover'!! Way to go, Aly! Call me the next time you go 'junkin'!
aka Mrs. Dunton

melsone said...

ROFL!! That thing is HUGE!!

You said you were looking for another project... LOL! I can't wait to see the 'after' pictures. Way to go, Aly!

I'm loving your other finds, too!!

Jolene George said...

You guys find some really great thing.
Those girls are tough when they are determined. Sand it, paint it white and distress it. It will look awesome then. :o)

tifferbob said...

Love your roosters! I just started collecting them this year.

Tamlynn said...

I love it! What a great story. Can't wait to see the makeover.