Monday, October 13, 2008

All the way to the top, and don't ever, ever, stop

Today was the first official day of Fall Break. We have the whole week off of school/work. (except for dear ole' dad) But since Jim has Mondays off each week, we chose today for our family outing. Our destination was the Peralta trail, in the superstition mountains. 4.5 miles to the top and 4.5 miles to the bottom. And we made it! It was such a beautiful day. It was 51 degrees when we started at 8:00am. We had a cool front come in, and we loved it. It was about 75 when we got done at noon.
Here we are at the start of the trail head.
Can you tell how excited Alyson was for the days adventure? I think Dallas was not quite awake yet!

We named this formation Turtle rock. Do you see it?
One tired mama... I should mention that I am fighting a head cold. Made it a little more challenging for me.
Go Coleman Go!
Jim contemplating the meaning of life, either that or he was pooped and taking a rest. Dallas and Aly-- I think these two are part mountain goat.

Such cool views every turn we made.The top!! We made it!! It was long and hard, but so worth it. It was beautiful at the top.

The view of Weavers Needle. You can't see it from the road, you have to take the steps to enjoy the beauty. It was such a welcoming sight for our weary legs and lungs.

Dallas, is so awesome! He made this hike seem like a walk in the park. He went all crazy on us and ran all the way to the bottom.
What a great day we all had. He had a picnic lunch waiting at the bottom. What a great way to start off fall break.


Becca said...

Those pictures are beautiful! Today was a very beautiful day! I am glad you guys were able to go out and enjoy it!

Jenny said...

An amazing hike.
I wish we could have gone, too!
I LOVE that you did it with just your family. A great way to bond!

Char said...


The look on Dallas's face in that firs picture is hilarious.

velvet brick said...

Great day for a hike and I love how you all went! The idea of a bounty for your camera was a smart one and so glad it 'paid off'! I love the home improvement projects! I hope you have such a wonderful, relaxing rest of fall break! : )) Give everyone a 'hi' for me!

Anonymous said...

What a great outing. That is a beautiful place.

Becky said... FUN! The pictures you took are so beautiful. I dream of family hikes, but having Ben makes it really hard. Is it HOT there still?

Dave & Karissa Hardman said...

Wow - what an amazing hike! I would love to do that! I loved reading through your blog today. I just love you and your cute family so much. I am glad you are are doing so well and loving it in Arizona. Just know that we Utahns miss the Brignones!