Saturday, October 18, 2008

I need a break from my fall break

I am so pooped! We had the week off from school/work. And it was not as relaxing as it should of been. Oh well. I got a lot done and that makes me happy.
Monday was our big 9 mile hike phew--that wore us out.

Tuesday Dallas and I started painting his room. His room was added on from the original part of the house, and is has brick walls. They were white and boring, and we painted them this great brownish color. Too bad I can't share with you the name of the paint, since we just made it ourselves. I bought 4 different quarts of mistinted paint from Lowes, the can that are 1$ each, and then mixed them all together. Love the color! Now painting on brick is a pain in the butt. UGH, it took a lot of paint and a lot of rolling. We were one wall short...back to Lowes. We found another great paint color that actually looks great with our brownish color. It is some shade of blue. Dallas loved it, I liked it so we bought it.

Wednesday we painted all of the crown mold, baseboards, closets, doors, windows etc. Then we got this great idea, lets take out the big closet that closes off the room so much. It is basically an extra closet that was more in the way than it was useful. We got out the huge hammers and started pounding. Taking out the closet led to other things....the carpet under the closet, was not the same as the rest of the room. It was this funky striped stuff. Now what? Dallas began to investigate and discovered that under the carpet was stained concrete floors like the rest of the house. So, we made and executive decision, and yanked up the carpet. Holy hard work batman!

Thursday, I actually went into work to help our new teacher set up the classroom. Our former teacher is trading places with our new teacher, and we didn't want the kids to freak out when they came to school Monday.

Friday we played a little in the morning, and in the afternoon we put the room back together. It turned out pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. It will be acceptable for when Grandpa and Grandma come for Thanksgiving.

Saturday was catch up day from neglecting the house all week. Jim planted the winter grass, and worked in the yard. And here I sit all tired and looking forward to the sabbath and having a day of rest. ;)

How was your week?

Oh yeah, and I have been doing this.
I am on week 6!!


Jennifer said...

LOVE that you commented on my blog... this lil' world of ours is fun, isn't it?

That hike looks awesome! I'm desperate for a good hike... planning one next Saturday. Keep my fingers crossed!

Now I'll come and lurk here a bit- now that I've discovered you!

Becky said...

whoa...i'm tired just reading about your fall break. must feel good to have accomplished a lot though. now go take a nap.:)

thanks so much for your comment on my blog - means so much to me. i still cry often. it's been hard. i don't question why, it's just my heart that hurts.

Char said...

Holy crap, Janer. That makes me tired just reading about it. The problem with buying the $1 paint is that you hardly ever get to make the paint guy curse when the red tint goes EVERYWHERE.

Wish I was there to help...or just hang out or whatever.

Jenny said...

You worker bee, you!
Sounds rewarding.
Now did you get to take a REAL break?
I'd love to see that brown!
Will he let you take a picture of his room?
Happy back to work week...

Becca said...

I hope you post pictures of your fabulous paiting job! I love that you are always doing something to your house! Would you mind coming to mine, and helping me make it look more "lived" in..hehe! We have boring white walls because I am too wimpy to change them!

Jessica said...

Wow, you go! I wish I could say our week was half as productive. I hope you had a nice, relaxing Sunday! If you ever get bored with your projects, you're welcome to come work your magic at our house!

sweet pea dee said...

We are moving this weekend to my parents first then the next weekend to Boise then steve will come down in Dec.

Anonymous said...

whew!! That is a lot of painting!! I bet it looks great. And YAY for Couch to 5K. I just ran my second 5K this weekend and looking for a 10K to do.

sweetpea said...

Wow! You have been busy! And ditto everyone else--it makes me tired to think about too!