Thursday, January 15, 2009


One of the great things about living in Arizona, is that while the rest of the country is buried in cold and snow... from my front porch, I can enjoy this! And all I want of these! A tall glass of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice is definitely a perk!

Anyone up for a visit? Have I mentioned that is is sunny here 325 days of the year?
I know, I know come July I will be singing a way different song, but for today I am loving it here.


sweetpea said...

I'm on my way, lol!

Becca said...

AMEN! I LOVE it here! Like you in the Summer time I will probably sing a different tune, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE our winters!

Becky said... that really YOUR grapefruit tree? I demand (nicely) that you have a giveaway on your blog and that the winner gets a nice big box of that grapefruit. :) No, that would cost too much...maybe I'll just have to move.

Sabra said...

You had me until grapefruit. But the flowers, the warmth, the sun, the Jane...yeah, I'd love to come visit you right now.

Char said...

You suck!

Maybe in a few more months?

Jenny said...

That grapefruit tree looks like an ad for a gardening catalog! Ummm it's a balmy 6 degrees here right now. Yep--20 something degrees below freezing. And the sun IS shining... just not good for much other than squinting at the reflective snowy surfaces!~
I need to scrape me up some airline miles and get-away!

Meags said...

I found you again. What beautiful pics. I need to learn how to add pics. Your family looks so happy!

allie askins said...

my mom loves your lemons!

being a patient: it is at the dental school on recker and power. we don't accept any insurance, therefore the prices are cheaper.
i need patients who generally have okay oral health (like my family...) easy-ish... its my first semester taking patients, so the harder= worse. if you are interested you can call me. if you can't be a patient, or you don't want to pay.... no worries, it is ok! i will still love you plain jane :)

Tyler and Em said...

You are so lucky! Its been a really cold week here. This morning our car doors were frozen shut! Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice sounds amazing!