Friday, February 27, 2009

How we celebrated our 25th

On Friday February 13th, my friend offered to take my kids for the weekend, if we wanted to get away. As usual we couldn't make a decision of what we wanted to do until Saturday morning.

We decided to go to San Diego. Monday was presidents day, and we both had the day off of work. So we quickly got packed, and the kids packed, and we were on the road about noon.

We made a quick stop in Buckeye to drop Tori off at her volleyball tournament.

It had been several years since the 2 of us had been away together. It was LONG over due.

Neither of us had been to San Diego before, and looking online at hotels, we were not sure where we wanted to stay. So, we decided that we would just find a place when we got there. We got in around 7:30 pm and started our search.

We started on HWY 8 and went until it ended, and stopped at every hotel along the way....NO VACANCY at any of them! It was valentines, and a long weekend and it seems we were not the only ones that had chosen San Diego for our get away. We turned around and started going back the way we came to see what we could find. We drove for an hour, stopping at all hotels/motels/dumps/dives. NOTHING!! The next town was 90 minutes was already 10:30 pm, we had been looking for 3 hours and could not find a thing. At one of the rest stops Jim had picked up some hotel coupon books. We pulled over and started calling all of the hotels in the books. NO VACANCY!

I called and talked to one guy and was told that he had one room that was reserved, but the lady had not shown up yet. If I wanted to call back in 30 minutes I could see if she had shown. Jim called him right back to see if he would get any other answer from him. He told him the same thing. Jim started calling him every 10 minutes to see if she had checked in yet. Finally he said, I guess she is not coming you can have the room. At this point we were 45 min away. We told him that we would be there, and to PLEASE not give it to anyone else. We pull up a little before midnight, and found out that he was true to his word, and we had a place to stay for the night.

The only room he had was a smoking room. (ick) so we found a store and bought air freshener to try and mask the smell of the smoke. It didn't really help much. But we were pretty happy to have a place to sleep. By this point we were starving, and the only place open was In and Out Burger. We got there a little after 12, along with every other teen in the area. It took 40 minutes to get our food. It was getting pretty comical at this point!

Here are the pictures of our lovely hotel, that they charged us double to stay in.

We decided to try and find somewhere else to stay the next night. We were anxious to go to the coast. Jim grew up in Seattle and really misses the ocean. So we headed North on HWY 101 and stopped at several beaches and explored lots of little coastal towns. The day was cloudy and only about 55 which brought out all of the surfers. The waves were perfect for surfing. It was a lot of fun to watch them.

There are a lot of really cool houses along the beach. I can not even guess at the cost of them. But they were beautiful to see.

We had such a great time being together. We were well relaxed and rest when we got back. I can't believe that 25 years has gone by so quickly.

I am the luckiest to have married my best friend. Jim takes such great care of me. I can not imagine my life without this amazing man by my side. I can't wait to see what the next 25 years will bring!


Amber said...

Congrats on 25 years! Sounds like a fun adventure... I miss the beach.

Char said...

Congrats to you two.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys had a good time! You deserve it! Congratulations on 25 years!

Sabra said...

it takes love to go through something like that together, and have fun with it. congrats on the 25!

Jenny said...

Okay, you make me laugh! Friday the 13th was your stepping off point... what else did you expect? And thank goodness for In-n-Out Burger. I love spontaneous trips--and double points for being at the ocean! Congrats!

velvet brick said...

Sometimes the best times are the ones that happen sort of spur-of-the-moment! Your trip sounds like it was very 'unique' and really, full of fun memories and one that you won't forget! Great photos of the beach and your wedding photo is just the sweetest! Congrats on such a wonderful, happy, long marriage and here's to many more years together! You two are the best!

melanie said...

What an adventure! The pictures are lovely, and you two are adorable.

Happy 25th!

gardenmom said...

What an adventure. I am so glad that you had fun. Happy 25th.

JJWright said...

Neat are both still young.

sweet pea dee said...

That most be Brignone Luck! but you will have a fun story to tell. Love you both

Sanford said...

I don't know what's funnier the story or the wedding picture. I can't believe it's been 25 years. Your motel story reminds me of Jim's and my trip accross the county to Mass. We spent a lot of quality time in motels.

sbo said...

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