Monday, March 16, 2009

Front Porch

Over the last few months I started collecting old chairs whenever I would see one put out for the bulk trash pickup. I had a vision of painting all of the chairs white to put on the front porch. I am really excited how they turned out. Of course Jim did his magic on them, and they are now all sturdy and stable once more. I found different red prints that I liked and we went to work.

Here is a close up of each one.

Being that we live in Arizona, we get a lot of opportunities to sit on the porch. I retreat to the porch often to talk on the phone, hide from the kids, read a book, or to sit and think.
Today Jim installed a mister system that will allow me to sit on my porch in the heat of the summer. It is amazing how that little mist can really cool things down.
So, stop on by and sit a spell. I'll even squeeze us some fresh lemonade.


Alissa said...

that looks SO stinking cool!

and lucky you with the handy husband!

Kermit~the~Frog said...

Jane, that's so creative! It looks great.

Cheela said...

Hi Jane,

Thanks for posting on my blog!! I guess I didn't realize you had one, too. Since I actually have a bit of time, I am going to do some "blog" reading... If it is okay, I am going to put you on my list.

The chairs look awesome! We have a mister system on our back patio and it is so nice!

Say hi to those great kids for me.

Jodi said...


I found your blog. I hope you don't mind me visiting it occasionally. I absolutely love the chairs. I hope you have a great week.


Jenny said...

Wow! Such talent! Isn't it amazing what people throw away... your porce is VERY inviting. Don't be surprised if someday I show up!
~and top o the mornin' to ya~

melanie said...

What a clever idea! They look adorable!!!

Becca said...

Those are sooo cute Jane!

Jessica said...

I love it! How cute! Save me a seat!

sweet pea dee said...

I Love It. It makes me want to have a porch.

emily said...

That is ADORABLE Jane!!! I love it!! What a fab idea!!!!! Hey thanks for posting my blog link!! You rock! I'll let you know if you win!

Meags said...

I wrote a story many years ago about my white porch swing. About 1988. I loved my porch swing. Friday when I waved at your house when I picked up my daughter I saw the chairs and it brought back the memories of my porch swing. I had a fun vacation to my favorite spot thanks to your porch.