Monday, July 06, 2009

Taking Off (again)

Since school got out the end of May, we have been on the go.
First was Trek, which was amazing, and wonderful and lot of hard work. I have some awesome pictures to of these days.
Next stop was a drive to Utah to get Tori, who spent 3 weeks with Grandpa/Ma and who went cousin hopping. The weather was 65 and rainy all week, it was HEAVEN!
This brought us to the final preparations for Girls Camp. We worked fast and furious to get everything done and ready for a fabulous week. I have pictures of that too...that I have plans to of these days.
And now, we are heading for the cool mountain air of Mt Graham. We are going with good friends for some rest and relaxation...but most importantly we will be leaving the 108+ Humidity behind us. It is monsoon season here, and it is very, very, hot and sticky!!
We will be back at the end of the week to wash the clothes to repack them for our trip to Utah to celebrate my parents 50th Anniversary.

So, my poor blog is neglected once again. And you would think that having the summer free from work, that I would have more time to blog and stay connected with family and friends.
When you live in Arizona it is essential that you find every way possible to beat the heat...which usually means, leaving the valley.

Until then--stay safe and COOL!


velvet brick said...

HI! HI! HI!! How are you all doing?? How's my Ali girl?? I miss her! I think it's awesome that your blog is neglected because of all of the wonderful things you are getting to do!! And if it involves getting out of this heat, the absolutely!! Tell everyone 'hi' for me and keep enjoying your vacation! The beauty of blogs is that they wait for us! : )

Cheela said...

Summers for kids to connect with family is probably one of the most important things that we can give to our children. Glad to hear that you and the kids are having a great summer.

Martha said...

Glad you're having a great summer,Jane. Please tell Victoria I say hello and send a big hug her way!