Sunday, July 12, 2009


Luna New Mexico

I am not sure if I can put into words all that we experienced during the 4 days of our pioneer Trek. The last year of planning and worrying, and stressing were all worth it as we saw the youth of our stake drawing closer to our Heavenly Father through this amazing experience.

Jim and I were part of the Executive committee, one of our responsibilities was the Spiritual programs/Music. This first picture is the spiritual committee that we were privileged to work with. All of them were a great asset and we couldn't of done it without them.Dallas and his friends. Jim announcing the musical number...Alyson and Landon. Alyson sang "Somewhere there's a mountain". She worked so hard on this song. She sang it for 300 people. She was so scared, but did such a great job. Aly and Mom after her song...Aly broke into tears and sobbed when she was done, when I asked her what was wrong she replied, "I don't know". It really was so touching to hear her sing, and she was so brave to sing for everyone.

The trail.

Looking out over the camp. There was 21 families with 10-12 kids in each family.
Jim with the stake presidency before one of the devotionals.The men in Dallas' family praying for the girls before they started the "Woman's Pull". I saw this scene many times the 4 days we were on the trail, I was touched to see the families putting their faith and trust in God.Dallas!Dallas' pioneer family. The Newitts

I will never forget these 4 days. I gained a greater appreciation for my pioneer ancestors. The sacrifices and struggles that they went through to have the freedom of religion, to worship in a place free from persecution did not come without it's many trials and struggles. To walk across the plains to find their Zion is beyond comprehension. They endured more than I could ever think possible. I will forever be grateful.


Becky said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to do this. I'm glad you got to experience it, I've heard it is so spiritual. Great pictures.

melanie said...!!! I didn't realize Aly went with you! That is way cool.
I'm glad everything went so well, I'm sure it will be an experience no one will forget!

Char said...

Awesome pictures! And that's a pretty sweet dress Aly's got there.


velvet brick said...

OH Aly girl....look at what you accomplished!! I'm so proud of your effort, work and then signing in front of so many people!!

What an awesome experience for you all to be able to do. I love the dress, Aly! Jane, it seems as though it was worth all of the hard work, worries and stress! The scenery is beautiful! What an experience!! Congrats to everyone for making it through!

velvet brick said... I can't spell tonight...
Aly, I'm so proud of your singing!! Not signing.... SINGING!!

Guess I need to get out my dictionary from my desk, huh??

: ))

Becca said...

Those were awesome! I didn't realize that Aly went with you! WOW! I wish I could have heard her sing! She is such a doll!

Martha said...

What an amazing experience!

Jenny said...

Jane, I was lucky enough to get to go on our youth trek last summer. Of course, the New England landscape doesn't quite have the same grandeur about it, but it was an AMAZING experience, nonetheless. I will never forget it. HARD! But worth it. Ditto some of your same feelings.