Sunday, August 02, 2009

All BecauseTWO people fell in LOVE

Fifty years ago my parents were married. We celebrated as a family this wonderful accomplishment. Twelve children joined this union through the years
Which resulted in twelve spouses.

Are you still doing the math?
Add in+50+4+3 for grandkids, and spouses and great grandkids
= 83!

What a legacy these two people have created. The Porter Party is now up to 83 with one on the way. And continues to grow as grandchildren are married and great grandchildren are added to this legacy.
(click pictures for a larger view)


Kelcie said...

Wonderful! Figured most of them out, except some of the grand and great-grand's. Could you somehow label their names.

Love, Aunt Gisela

Martha said...

Wow, Jane. I am just catching up on my friends' blogs tonight before I get busy with school. You mom and dad must be so proud. It is a beautiful family.

I really like your pool day pictures, too.

Jessica said...

Sweet post! Is it possible to just copy and paste into our blog?!

Becca said...

I LOVE IT! What I think is funnuy is that when I tell people my parents have been married for 50 plus years, they think it is amazing! I think it's the way it should be! Your mom and dad just look so sweet in that picture!