Monday, October 12, 2009

Start to Fall Break

Jim's buddy from work came over this morning to help Jim with the car.  He found out the kids were on Fall break so he brought his bike to give them all a ride.
Alyson and RobColeman and Rob (guess who wants a bike now?)  Yep that would be Cole!
Biker chick Tori,  She love, love, loved it!

And somehow they talked me into going for a ride.  I just got back from runing so I look my finest.  Bleh--oh well- it was pretty fun if I do say so myself.


Becca said...

Motorcycles scare the crud out of me...but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Harleys!!! I keep telling Quinn I am going to buy one, just so I can open my door every morning and look at it! LOVE THEM! How fun!

Jenny said...

You biker babe, you!
I tell Roger we're going to get twin Harleys when we're retired.

Becky said...

LOVE that you went for a ride. Steve would be so jealous. He wants to own a bike someday - I'm just not a huge fan of them. (yikes)

Meags said...

I want to be a biker chick for a day!

Georgia D said...

HI/ I didn't see anywhere to send a message other than make a comment. (sorry) I am a retired professional photographer who has done a ton of enviromental portraits as well as weddings. looking at your pics I couldn't help noticeing one thing. The little boy, the one with the slightly darker time you have portraits done, ask the photographer on the sly to not stick him out at the very end as if he's not really in the family. He might get a complex. I knew when I saw the opening of your blog you were LDS. So AM I. please delete this after you read! oh, an I'm a biker babe too.