Wednesday, January 27, 2010


That was the last 2 weeks.
My parents have come and gone. We had such a great time with them here. We got a lot done, and I miss them already.

I got so spoiled, I would go to work, come home to a clean house, laundry caught up, and dinner started. Not to mention all of the socks in that overflowing sock basket...all have mates! I don't think my kids know what to do here. Open your drawer and pull out a pair of socks, what? I thought I had to sift through the basket, leaving half of them on the floor to find a pair of socks. (please tell me I am not the only one that hates matching socks)

My Dad and Jim worked very hard in building, tilling, hauling, and planting the garden. They built grow boxes that are now full of plants and seeds waiting to sprout delicious veggies. They also took out many trees/bushes/plants to make this all happen.

Mom and I got the Karl Guymon quilt on the frames. (Jim tells me this is forever going to be the name of that quilt). Here is the back story.
       26 years ago, I sent Karl Guymon off on his mission. Pledging my love to him, and that I would be here when he got home 2 years later and that we would get married.
     I started a King sized quilt to keep me busy while he was gone. (I met Jim while he was gone, and married him) The quilt is all cross stitched, I got about 3/4 of it done, and then put it away. The last time my mom was here I showed it to her. She told me I should finish it. I told her that SHE should finish it. She said she would love to work on it. She took it home, and got the entire cross stitching done. She brought it with her, and we got it put on the quilt frames...there are quilting marks that now need to be hand quilted. We got a row done that is about 12" long by about 20" wide done. Did I mention that the quilt is 108x114? At the rate of the cross stitching, my daughters will be finishing it for me in another 26 years.

It really is beautiful and I hope to make some good progress on it. I would love some help with it. So, pop on over and quilt with me!

It was a busy 2 weeks and I was sad to let them leave. I keep telling them that we are going to build them a room out back, so they can spend the winter with us. I don't think my Dad was ready to go back to the cold and snow.

Pictures of the quilt and garden coming soon.


Good Buy Consignment said...

Great quilt story. Good luck with that.

Becca said...

LOVE the quilt story!!!!! I have to tell you thought that my sisters and I always make fun of the missionaries that leave with "girlfriends"!!!! Pledging their love..hehehehehe! We give them a hard time, and tell them that one day they will end up getting a "dear john" letter...not what they want to hear...but hey, they should be focusing on their missions, not a girl..hehe!

I am so glad you had such a good time with your parents here! I would love to help you quilt!!! Just let me know when you are doing it, and I will come bug you if I can!

Sabra said...

Yay for moms! (and dads)

My quilt project only goes back eight years. I'd love to quilt with you, especially if it means leaving the cold behind.