Tuesday, January 05, 2010

One thing always leads to another

My parents are coming for a visit next week.  They want to get out of the freezing temperatures and enjoy our sunshine.  I decided to do a little deep cleaning over the break so my mom wouldn't see all of the dust bunnies that multiply like rabbits  (ha ha) on a daily basis.

I talked Jim into helping me with the kitchen. I wanted to organize and clean out all of the cupboards.  I started with the built in shelves that I keep all of my crap cute things on.  Once I pulled everything off, I couldn't put them back on the way it looked.  I knew that a fresh coat of paint was in order.  Jim and I debated on a color.  (they were white)  we finally decided to paint them black.  Below the cabinets is a built in desk.  I painted them as well.  Jim was putting new pulls on the drawers and as I went through his stash of pulls  I found some black/metal pulls that I wanted to change out the brass  pulls that are on the rest of the kitchen cabinets.  I took all of the old ones off, and replaced them. 

The white cabinets that I have done nothing with since we moved in two years ago, afterall I am married to a cabinetmaker, and he keeps telling me that he will get to them thus the reason that I have not done a thing with them, (catch all that?)  really needed a makeover.

I begged and pleaded and coaxed Jim into just putting a fresh coat of paint on the doors.  Nothing else.  Ha!  He should of known better.  I couldn't leave the face frames and moldings untouched.  So, the cabinets all got a fresh coat of beautiful white paint.  YAY!

Now, my kitchen is all turned upside down.  Everything is out of place and I am out of time..  Christmas break is over, and tomorrow I return back to work (sigh)

I know that Jim believes that this was my evil plan all along, I swear it wasn't.  It's just that one thing always leads to another when it comes to home improvement projects.

When things are back the way they should be, I will share some pictures of the results.


Becky said...

UGH! I'm not a fan of unfinished projects so I feel your pain. I'm excited to see the finished results. :)

Sabra said...

I need a Jim.

Damon is helpful, but his expertise end at hanging frames and shelves. My kitchen needs some MAJOR work. But I'll be the one to do it, if and when I ever get to it.

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

Can't wait to see it!

Jenny said...

Ha! Mom will be there just.in.the.nick.of.time!
(That's what moms are for)