Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun Run!

Several of us wanted to run a race for the 24Th of July celebration (state holiday in Utah)
Instead of paying the 30.00 entrance fee x many people, we decided to have our own Porter family race. We had a one mile race for the kids, and a 5k for most of the family and a 10k for a couple of crazy people (Joel, Jim)

Here is a few of the grand kids getting ready for their race to start.
And, if your son leaves his shoes at his cousins, no worries, he can always wear his church shoes to run in. Caleb coming in after the 5K.
Tim and Joel the professionals.
Jim 5k down, 5K more to go!
Deanna and Jane coming in the finish line.What? You think we cheated?? Here is what I have to say about that!

Okay so we did cut it short, and only ran 2 miles. But, hey I live in am I suppose to train when it it 115 degrees? All of you Utahans have no ideas how nice you have it, with your cool nights, and even cooler mornings.

The group starting

Look at these cute little Water Girls, they passed out water to the runners as they went by.

We all had a great time. We are putting a family team together for next years Ragnar Relay Wasatch back race. 180 miles running day and night from Logan to Park City.
I am ready to start training, call me crazy but I have missed having a running goal to work towards.
I just need the weather to begin the cooling trend that we all anticipate every October.


sweet pea dee said...

Way to go!! I would die

Jenny said...!
Love that you made your own fun run!
And WOW! 180 miles is an amazing distance... but it looks like you can do it; how many people participating?

Becky said...

You seriously need to move back East. We have great running weather. Great job!!! I have so much admiration for runners.

Becca said...

180 miels...are you serious??? CRAZY! But good luck!